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Things in my fridge.

on November 12, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
Name five things inside your refrigerator right now and how you feel about them.

My refrigerator has been recently filled with nice things. It makes me sad that I had to buy the things, but buy them I did. So in my fridge I now have:

  1. Milk – an absolute staple in our household. We drink so much of the stuff that I’ve started buying in bulk and freezing it! Hairy likes blue milk, I like orange because it’s only a pound. Plus blue milk is weird in tea.
  2. Cheese – we lurve the cheese. We bought a GIANT block from the deli counter a few weeks ago and it just sat in there until this weekend when Hairy made cheese on toast. Now it is gone.
  3. Broccoli – I have had a hankering for broccoli for a few weeks so we bought some of the mini trees! I plan to do something special with it, but I likely won’t. I love broccoli now which is brilliant since it’s still a pretty new addition to the List of Vegetable I Will Eat. It’s growing, slowly but surely. My next challenge is cauliflower, to be tackled with mountains of cheese.
  4. Leftover pesto. Pesto is also a recent addition to things I Never Knew I Liked Until Now. I do like pesto, but I had a wobbly moment when I made a meal with it and it tasted like grass. I had it in my lunch today and it was rather delicious.
  5. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand (doing this from memory)… A wide array of sauces. Hairy and I are terrible for adding sauces to pretty much everything and never throwing anything away so our fridge is full of the stuff – ketchup, sweet onion relish, barbecue sauce.

Here we go then, a scintillating exploration of my fridge.

I started at Waterstones today. It’s been a busy but rewarding day and I managed to only trip the alarms once! I spent a lot of time replacing the shelf edges with pretty blue and gold ones so it looks all Christmassy! I’m also pretty sure that I get a 50% discount which is totally amazing. I may also be able to give you lovely lot a bit of a surprise tomorrow, depending on how camera shy I’m feeling. Mwahahaha!


2 responses to “Things in my fridge.

  1. It is funny how we stereotype parts of the world. I found it very interesting that you have Barbeque sauce there !! I thought it was a very American thing !!! I learned something new !!
    We have lots of cheese, meat , and eggs in our fridge, we are on a low carb diet. We keep butter and sour cream and cream cheese and some veggies. We have a lot of condiments too, mustard, mayo, and for the grandkids, catsup and some jelly, and we have some relish too. Steak sauce and salad dressings. We also do have a gallon of milk, the full fat kind, I am not fond of the blue stuff either !! We use it very sparingly, it is high in carbs !! Our son has it with his cereal, something I miss desperately on low carb !!!!
    Cannot wait to see what your surprise could be !!!!

    • I really love barbecue sauce! I have seen it as a more American thing too, but I can’t resist it 🙂 I like the sound of your fridge too! I love having a full fridge and having a whole heap of veggies in there 😀

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