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End of a mini era.

on November 30, 2013

Last day of NaBloPoMo and it’s a good feeling. I think I’ve managed to keep up with the posts pretty well and I’m so glad to be able to give it a rest now!

Things I have learned during NaBloPoMo:

  1. It’s really hard to say it out loud without sounding like a numpty. NaNoWriMo slips off the tongue, but NaBloPoMo I keep having to stop in the middle of it and curse.
  2. List making posts are easier than writing real posts. I like listy posts.
  3. I really need to figure out consistent names for family members that I talk about. There are people who feature prominently in my life and therefore my blog and they need code names! Privacy for all involved! Or not because this is where I spill my guts out about all the things.
  4. There are some truly amazing and inspiring bloggers out there that I need to start reading regularly. NaBloPoMo had two strands, one of challenging yourself to blog and another of looking at others’ blogs, cheering them on and discovering people that maybe I wouldn’t have done otherwise. I sadly fell down on this end, but I’m resolving to keep discovering new blogs that I love.
  5. I am slightly cringed at my earliest blog posts. They weren’t bad per say, I’d just rather not read back to when I was still at university and new at this whole blogging business.
  6. Non-blogging related! Raising Steam is a very good book, but not the Terry Pratchett style that I remember. His work isn’t as laugh out loud funny as it used to be and can be a lot darker in some places. It’s still amazing and the Discworld probably one of my favourite worlds ever, but I think I prefer the middle range of his work.
  7. Also non-blogging related. Tea cures all ills. If you don’t know about my cold right now, you should do. It’s awful and I hate it but tea is making me feel all better. I actually have a song playing at the moment called Have A Cuppa Tea and it’s brilliant, you should listen to it! I actually advise that everyone should have a cuppa tea in pretty much every situation. Hairy and I were caught up in the riots in Nottingham last year (not actively and no one we knew got hurt), but we rode it out by drinking tea and then celebrated getting home safely by having more tea. Tea!
  8. I learned that the prospect of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who renders me incapable of coherent posting skills.
  9. I re-learned that I enjoy it muchly when I have orange fingernails. I don’t often paint my nails, but I felt like it the other day and I found the nail polish my sister gave me as a present last Christmas so I thwacked it on and I’m loving it. Orange nails for the win!
  10. And finally… I feel like I should end up with some sort of sincere and heart felt life message that will impart great wisdom to my lovely followers. Unfortunately, I just don’t have that in me at the moment. I actually learned during the time that I’ve been doing NaBloPoMo that it’s okay to gym when you have your period, but not so okay to gym with a cold.

Thanks to everyone who has read, liked and commented on my blog over the past month. It’s all been much appreciated and it’s been a good romp in blogging land.


2 responses to “End of a mini era.

  1. Robbie says:

    I started out strong on reading and commenting but as the month wore on I ran out of energy & time. I did enjoy it though!

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