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A traditional Christmas.

on December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas to all you lovely bods who live in my computer.

I got asked what my Christmas traditions are, but really they’re all up in the air at the moment since this is the first ever Christmas that Hairy and I have shared in our own home, as every other year we’ve gone to spend it with one of our families and so we’re building our own traditions!

Growing up, Christmas was a very family oriented time for me. In my family, we visited pretty much all our relatives between Christmas eve and Boxing Day. Christmas eve was always the time that we went to spend feeding the seagulls with my Auntie and her family. We started calling it that after a few years of visits jinxed by ill health, as we figured that if Christmas didn’t know our plans then it couldn’t get either of the families sick!

I love Christmas, so I like to get my tree up early in December which is normally the first weekend of the month. For the last few years that I was at home, my sister and I did the decorations together because it used to fluster Pops and we all know that you can’t put up decorations with any bad feelings otherwise it lingers in the decorations and ruins Christmas feeling! I remember that growing up, Christmas always started when Mother Dearest put the topper on the tree. In my household, I do the honours 🙂

Christmas dinner is always a massive undertaking, and while my parents used to cook when we were younger, Sister mine and I kind of took it over towards the end since we both love cooking. This weekend just gone I had my family up to stay and I was lucky enough to get a day off to spend with them. It’s always opening presents first thing after breakfast, then getting up and doing stuff before settling into cooking. Sister mine is totally in charge, while I’m the kitchen lackey: cleaning and chopping all the way! Pops normally ends up doing the washing up as it drives him barmy if it isn’t done.

This weekend we actually had to get a dining table in from Hairy’s Nottingham brother so we could have Christmas dinner at the table. My sister decorated the table so it looked beautiful, with a gold wreath and my teapot of wooden roses and candles. We ate, had crackers and then fell asleep because of waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much food and wine.

I think that one of the loveliest thing about Christmas is the traditions that each family builds up on their own. I love having a big dinner that you wouldn’t eat for the rest of the year, opening presents one by one and seeing each person discover what you’ve got for them.

For me the most important day is Christmas Day, although each day either side of that should be a time that you get to spend with people you love. Sadly this year I’m working Christmas Eve and Boxing Day but I’m building a new tradition of playing computer games on Christmas Day!

It’s been an excellent year for presents (materialistic as that is); I now have rainbow gloves and hat, Sherlock on DVD, an amazing necklace in Dwarfish and more, plus I got to see the Hobbit with my sister (Peter Jackson at Christmas time always!).

How about you? What are your Christmas traditions? Got good Christmas presents?


One response to “A traditional Christmas.

  1. Thanks for sharing your traditions !! Ours are in the midst of change right now. We have three of our four kids, married with kids and so they are starting to want to take over and do things at thier houses, so my hubby and I just go to which ever of our kids is having the holiday and bring what they want us to bring, and we are just adjusting to this new tradition !! I am going to push for keeping Easter at our house though, they can have the others but we have the best yard for Easter egg hunts !! Hard to believe that will be here in a few months, lol !!!
    I hope you are getting ready for a great new year, hard to believe it is almost here and I am very excited !!!

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