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The more things change, the more they stay the same.

on January 9, 2014

It’s my birthday tomorrow, and I’ll be reaching the grand old age of 23. I’m not here over the weekend as my parents will finally (only taken us three years) be meeting Hairy’s parents and we’re trogging down to Gloucestershire to do the deed.

As I’ve already said, massive things have changed in my life since my last birthday. I’ve had and removed a lip piercing, joined a gym and failed to go multiple times, decided once and for all that I actually like fish and moved into a little house with a garden that I have to look after.

On the other hand, life’s a continuum and a lot of things have stayed the same. I’m still with Hairy, still a Viking at heart and still slightly in love with ridiculous clothes (matching red satin today). My favourite colour is still purple, and I still like dyeing my hair whenever possible. I still have some amazing friends that I don’t see as much as I’d like, and some less amazing people that I am working to cut out of my life so I don’t go barmy at them and be unnecessarily mean.

When I change my life, I like to do it on a grand scale. I like to chuck a lot of things up in the air and see how they pan out for the most part, so it’s reassuring that a lot of things are still there and still good. I have a brilliant sister who is always there for me, and I’m massively excited about going to see Frank Turner with her next month. I have a family who care about me a lot, who will be there if I need them to be. That is definitely something that not everybody can say and I appreciate that.

I still worry too much about the little things, forget that I have to pay attention to what’s going on now and not the plans I’ve got made for seven months from now, and I still freak out when I have to talk to people in shops. Even though I realised the other day that I’ve actually become the person on the other side of the till that used to terrify me when I was younger (*cough* last week).

My favourite thing to drink is still water, although I won’t drink insanely sweet cider any more. I still love Doctor Who and Sherlock, but I’m not so keen on Jonathan Creek. I still love reading, and I’ve managed another two books since I last posted. One called Blood Money, “gritty lawyer” type affair based in New York about a malpractice case with a crooked law firm. The other one I’m just about to finish is set in the UK, features a hired killer and a former page 3 girl unhappily married to a rich 75 year old.

I’m still beading and doing crafty stuff, although I’m on a project that I’m not enjoying so much at the moment and that makes time drag. Do you get into doing things and end up taking seven times longer than it should do because you just don’t want to pick it up again? Yep, classic case of that at the moment.

Films I’ve watched recently: 2012, The House at the end of the Lane, Woman in Black and The Iceman. Incredibly different films, and none of them ones that I’d watch again. I love apocalyptic and post apocalyptic films, but 2012 was truly terrible. I’m glad I watched it so it won’t sit in the back of my mind waiting to be watched and it was a pretty entertaining way to spend my day off. The Woman in Black is alright, although nowhere near as good as the play. I think it needs a brilliant actor to carry off that sort of role and I just don’t think that Radcliffe had the maturity and subtlety to pull it off.

I guess as much as anything, this blog has changed massively since the beginning and definitely since the summer where I nearly shut it down. It’s hard to carry on writing the way I used to when I know that people I know are reading it. It takes more thought and more time to get a post out nowadays, and I have a giant metaphorical bin full of abandoned posts like so many scrumpled bits of paper. I’m glad that I have carried on with the blog though, it just takes a bit more effort and gumption to post now.

So, yes. I’m turning 23 in a little over twelve hours and I still can’t make up my mind whether that’s a grown up age or not. Sometimes I think about it, and 23 seems like I should be getting on with my life and doing undefined but very important stuff because I’m “in my early twenties”. Other times, I think about it and 23 still seems unfeasibly young.

Yet other times, I decide to stop thinking about it and have a few drinks instead. Wish me a Happy Birthday, wish me luck with the families this weekend, and wish me not to have a stonking hangover tomorrow!


3 responses to “The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  1. I Hope you had a great birthday, I did not read this post until today, I had gotten behind on my emails !!! I am sorry I am late !!!

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