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Busy, busy, busy.

on January 20, 2014

Sorry for leaving you hanging so long chaps and chappesses. I did mean to put up a post last week but unfortunately I fail on an epic scale and I now have a raft of unpublished posts languishing and basically all saying the same thing.

It’s been a very long time since Hairy and I had a whole weekend together where we don’t have something planned or somebody to see. This is not normally a problem, we have very lovely friends and it’s been splendid seeing everyone so much. On the other hand, I haven’t played World of Warcraft for more than half an hour in about three months and my new Lego Lord of the Rings game is sat forlornly waiting on my laptop, hoping that I’ll relent and give it another chance at some point soon.

For example, I have had a lovely weekend seeing people. The weekend before (birthday weekend woop!) was family oriented and pretty intense for reasons I’ll come to later. For the moment, I shall return to the weekend that has just passed me by: On Friday we had a film night that started at 1pm meeting my friend in town, with coffee and assorted shopping bits to be done. I was taken to a teeny tiny flat that suits my teeny tiny friends, but made me feel like a giant. Film night, resplendent with god-awful zombie films, ensued with much pizza nomming and awkward commentary and rum. Hairy and I got home about 2am after a late night stroll through the rather lovely gardens on campus.

Saturday started at 9am, since apparently I’m incapable of sleeping in even though I’m cream crackered. We got up, complained about hangovers and then cleaned the house. Not entirely successfully, but no one really expects much of us anyway. I made curry, we drank wine and played board games. Well, t’others did. I fell asleep upstairs because I was dead on my feet and had work the next day. I’m incredibly upset that I missed the rest of the evening, but it meant that I managed to get through work on Sunday without falling asleep too badly.

Most of our weekends follow a similar sort of pattern. Seeing people, cleaning and trying to stay awake all feature heavily and while it’s amazing I have actually scrawled all over my next free weekend “NOT SEEING ANYBODY”. Just as a reminder in case I decide it’s a great idea to agree to socialising.

And so we return to why the weekend of my birthday was so momentous, disregarding the fact that you know, it was my birthday and that’s a totally huge deal.

Hairy and I have decided after much deliberation (about five minutes in the pub), that we are going to get married this year. 30th August in fact, we have provisionally booked the registry office and everything. Now before you go freaking out on me, no I’m not pregnant. (Warning for grossness ahead). In fact my body emphatically told me that there was no chance that I was pregnant, nah uh, by giving me another period a week after I finished the first one. Joy to the world, my womb is empty.

It’s also not something that we’ve been pressured into. I know that one of Hairy’s brothers at least was concerned about this, but the reason we set the date for next year was because we thought that we wouldn’t be able to afford it this year. Now we can, but it’s going to be a home-made, budget wedding which is lucky since that was pretty much the plan all along. Unfortunately, it does mean that the nightmares about not fitting the dress and Uncle Vanya not being able to attend have already started.

We are incredibly happy about it already, as you can imagine. We’ve booked a registry office, my sister has come up with the amazing theme of “Vintage Viking”, I have a dress, Hairy’s getting onto his brother about a potential venue and we’re on the hunt for a band to play at the reception. It’s easier to just get straight into it, rather than sitting around waiting!


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