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Apparently it’s February.

on February 4, 2014

Crikey, it’s been a while again. I’d love to say that my life has been full of exciting things that have kept me from blogging but in actual fact it’s been the other way around. I’ve been working, doing a bit of crafting and spending too much time in my pyjamas. That doesn’t make for the most scintillating blog posts to be honest!

So, an update. Work is still good, I still love the people I work with although I’ve been put on the ground floor to work among general fiction and customer orders because I inadvisedly mentioned to a lead bookseller that I hadn’t been on ground in ages. So he “saw what he could do about it” and voila! I am now a ground floor monkey. I like it well enough, but I have to admit I love the second floor better (food, craft and children. Pretty amazing if you ask me). I’ve just finished reading a new book by Kate Atkinson, Life After Life as it’s sat on the front till and it’s a bestseller and I’m supposed to be pushing it for customers. It was an interesting book to read about the possibilities of reincarnation. It was a bit mind boggling in some places, but for me at the heart of it there was a sense of family and how wonderful and annoying they can be. Love, the frailty of life and the question of what would you do if you could live your life over again were also there, and I did enjoy reading it.

I’m off to Cardiff this week as well to spend a few days with my sister and cousin, incidentally watching Frank Turner and Flogging Molly in the same trip! I’m economical with my traveling up and down the country these days, you have to make the most of each visit when you can’t afford multiple weekends away. My parents, and my Day family came up to Nottingham recently and I think that was one of the most jam packed weekends I’ve had in a while. I wanted to spend some quality time with one of my cousins who’s only nine and I was worried that she would be nervous of me. Instead we spent a day in Sherwood Forest playing with wooden swords that we later decorated with gems, and she spent the night with us. Possibly a bad idea because when she got up the next day, I had to endure nearly two hours of Barbie before my parents woke up and let me escape for a shower!

And finally, wedding plans. Hairy and I made the big decision, and now we’re following through with the plan to get married this August. Terrifying, stressful and somewhat surreal, we’re buckling down and getting stuff sorted. I’m finding the courage to tell people when to shove off and to stand by the decisions that make us happy. (I’m horrendously bad at that).

We’ve done the legal announcement of marriage, paid a deposit on the registry office and decided on the ceremony that will be happening in the morning to get the legal hullabaloo out of the way, before we have one in the afternoon that will be conducted by a family friend and involve wedding rings and vows and the like.

I tried to buy a wedding planner the other day, but we decided in the end that I have a big book that I’m writing stuff in and a lot of the wedding planners are geared towards people who want a much more traditional wedding than us. And who have a lot more money than us. We’re paring it down to the most important things – good friends, family, food, rings and a celebration of the fact that Hairy and I are still crazy about each other.

I have my dress. I have to contend with the wedding dress shop about getting it back so I can get it altered and not pay their prices, and then figure out where to store it. Luckily my friends paid for it, so slightly less worry about that. Rings we’re torn between two choices: these or these. Decisions to be made later methinks! But yes, wedding plans are coming on apace. My supplies from a craft shop arrived today so I can get on with making the invitations and we actually have a wedding website. It’s a little bit unreal still.

I’m currently sat in my pyjamas, trying to find where to get cheap bunches of fresh lavender for the tables. Ah, the trials and tribulations of a bride :p I get texted, emailed and generally harassed about wedding things on a pretty regular basis, but I’m more worried that all I ever talk about now is the wedding. Please forgive me if I do!


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