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Man, retail is a odd place.

on March 27, 2014

Oh god, has it really been ten days since I last posted? I apologise unreservedly. My only excuse is that life got in the way and I’m knackered. I could honestly sleep for a week, but I’ve only got one day off before working the weekend.

Life has been decidedly more exciting though! I bring pictures for your enjoyment, as Hairy and I went for an adventure on Sunday. Well, I say adventure and I say we. I kidnapped Hairy in the middle of doing the shopping and hauled him off to Attenborough Nature Reserve. This was a mighty undertaking! There was lunch and a bus involved and everything! And I wasn’t really sure of how to get there either because I normally go with my guides and kind of stumble into it. This time was intentional, but that’s always the scary part!


It’s rather pretty there, although it was cold and only got colder. This was the nice part of the day.



I’m not quite sure what Hairy was doing here. I know he was playing with his pipe (SO not a euphemism), but his face… I give up.





The overall effect is slightly ruined by the mittens I find. And the overly perplexed look on his face. Ah, Hairy…








We had just had our lunch at this point and I’d decided to drag Hairy on a circuit of the lake. It was cold, and I was only in a t-shirt and a hoody because I hadn’t realised until we were buying the shopping that I wanted to kidnap Hairy. I’m so changeable! To be fair, it is my only fault 😀



Yeah, obligatory selfie. It’s not a day out without a photo of the two of us to commemorate the fact that we actually left the house.



Lens flare is totally my favourite thing guuys. Plus he’s pretty and it was pretty.







See that sad face? That was about half way around and we got caught in a sudden but inevitable hailstorm. I did NOT enjoy that hailstorm but the overall experience was really fun. I nearly got chomped by a horse and we interrupted either a band photo shoot or an overly intense family outing.



Waterfall! More like a weir, but it was nice. I dragged Hairy off the beaten track because I heard the noise of running water and I was curious.


Hairy got control of the camera. See that sodden hoody? Hairy relinquished his hat so I could have warm ears. It really helped my head, but my legs could have done with a hat too.







We’ve just finished watching the first series of “Orange is the New Black”. It’s my best Crazy Eyes impression!



Nope, nope. That’s actually crazy eyes right there. AND my One Ring necklace because I’m a cool child.

So yes. Here’s where life gets a bit more interesting. A few weeks ago a guy came into the store wanting to know how a particular line of wooden puzzles was selling because he supplies them to head office. I checked, we chatted and I got some of the other staff to have a gander. I thought that was pretty much it until yesterday when I got a phone call from the ground floor saying that a chap was headed up to speak to me.

Okay, I thought. Just another customer I thought. Nope, it was the jigsaw man! (Sounds like a slightly creepy killer). He had something he wanted me to do for him. He gave me two pieces of wood in the shape of apples and said that his daughter was coming in the next day and I was to give them to her. I’ve seriously abridged the conversation – I had no idea what he really wanted! It was really bizarre to be truthful. He ended up by popping back around the corner and asking if I liked modern art or traditional art. I answered him (but what do you guys think?), and he said “Aha! I thought as much” and just left. Strange man, but nice.



His daughter did come in! It was a scavenger hunt of some sorts that he’d set up for her. I found out that he’d asked for me at the ground till by asking for the “gothic girl”. I’d like to put it out there – I’m not a goth. That requires a whole level of commitment that I’m just too lazy to give.


It all went well. The girls got there early but managed to catch me and get what they needed. In return, I got a package with my name on it. I opened it up, and found these beautiful little puzzles, and a note.


Et voila. My note from the Jigsaw Man!

To top it all off, I was tidying around the store just before closing time and I was humming to myself. I didn’t realise anyone was within earshot until a voice pipes up from behind me asking what it is that I’m humming because he really liked it. We then had ourselves a lovely little conversation about singing vs piped music before I ran away to hide in the classics section. He found me on his way out and told me I should tell my boss about singing in store.

I attract weirdos like the plague. I seriously do.


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