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Of life and lemons.

on April 26, 2014

This really should be a post about the craft things I’ve been up to recently, but I’m a bit awful at sticking to plans once I’ve made them so I’m just going to get something out there so at least I’ll have posted twice this week!

Hairy and I did another big and exciting thing this morning – we went and ordered our wedding rings. We don’t have a picture yet because they’ll take ten days to get in but STILL. All grown up and stuff like that.

Along that theme, Hairy and I may also be adopting a rabbit in the near future. He knows someone with a bunny who needs a home and I know a person with a spare hutch. Our garden needs a trim, so instead of a lawn mower we’re thinking of getting a rabbit. Yes, our logic is sound.

Life and things have been a bit trying recently. I’ve been having crazy headaches which make getting anything done incredibly difficult, but Hairy’s been busy at work and so can’t pick up the slack.

But anyway, let’s not be gloomy. I’ve had an amazing amount of time to be reading and I’ve barreled through a big lot on my list! I’ve been told about a brilliant place to download e-books from so I’ve spent a large portion of the last week battling the virus ridden downloads of doom to get some more books under my belt. I’ve finished Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogywhich is a Young Adult sci fi wonder. It had some brilliantly original ideas in it and I loved that the love story wasn’t overplayed.

I also read Butter by Eric Lange, one of the short listed for the Waterstone’s Children’s Book Prize 2014. It was sometimes difficult to read, but I definitely enjoyed it too. It was about a morbidly obese boy who decides to eat himself to death on New Year’s Eve – it’s sometimes hard to sympathise with him and more than once I wanted to reach into the pages and give him a good shake. Even so, I would recommend it as a good teen book.

Finally I’m almost finished with the Laini Taylor Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. It’s partly because she’s going to be in the store on 2nd May and she has the MOST AMAZING bright pink hair I’ve ever seen. I would definitely recommend reading the book if you like fantasy; her characterisation is great and her writing is accessible and gripping. I love the chimaera and all their various quirks and although I’m not a fan of romances in general (such a cynic), once you get past the first book and into the meat of the story it’s incredible. Read it as a trilogy though,  they don’t stand alone.

Best thing about my week: going for a long walk in the mizzle with Hairy last night. It’s our bi-annual thing of having a big blow up and then going for a long walky/talky thing. It was good.

Not so great thing: Finding out that my hours have been cut down at work. And not being able to do yoga yesterday because stupid crazy headache.

Colour of my hair: Purple. Defiantly so. Hairy re-did it for me last night and has purple dalmatian splotches to prove how good a fiance he is.

Things to look forward to: Visits in the next few months. I’m due to be popping all over the place including back down to London for my pre-hen hen do!

Wedding related update: We still haven’t had the venue confirmed. My dress is being altered, we found a suit that looks amazing on Hairy (just need to find one that doesn’t cost £220 for the jacket alone), rings are ordered and bridesmaid dresses are found. We’ve met with the lady who will be officiating our ceremony in the field and have a rough ceremony planned. We still need to organise tables, chairs, table cloths and decorations. And flowers. And outdoor lighting. And miles of bunting. It’ll be fine.

Craft things: I made a lot of wire rose rings. It took me until now to remember I have photos of these.



We all know about the crazy wire trees. I don’t love this one, but I’m up to about 12 of the little blighters now. I’m having to adapt the pattern (HA WHAT PATTERN?!) regularly because I keep buying different dimensions of bottle. Some are short and fat, some are tall and thin and the most recent are in the middle.



They take about five minutes to make. I made all of these in about half an hour, once I’d got the hang of it.


I think this is my favourite – I do love purple things!


For the entertainment of having four rings on one hand.



All different shapes and sizes. My most successful ones were made around a lipstick tube.




Make them tiny and they make pretty cute earrings.


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