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on May 18, 2014

I have been unforgivably distracted for the past week, being busy and all that jazz. It’s been a frantic week of way too much guiding goodness, not enough work and not enough time and energy to get on with things.

This is my vaguely craft themed post for the week. My most popular post ever was this one, and I’m not even entirely sure why. In that vein though, I’m going to tell you about my dream workshop. I’ve been doing extra craft things recently including beading, making tissue paper flowers and a bit of ornamental knotting (because I am the coolest person ever).

This woman has the right idea on workshops. Her studio is a custom built jewellery making focussed studio, with an amazing amount of open space and everything in its own place! I love the worktops under the windows to get the best light; in my home I’m normally working in the evening and by the puny lights we have here. The only trouble I have with this studio is the lack of comfortable seating!


This one is obviously a commercial studio; I’m not a big fan of all the beech but I have to admit I do love the high ceilings and the brick walls. Sadly I think it would get way cold in winter and then impact on my chilly fingers being able to make anything. I must have the worst circulation – I have cold fingers now and it’s the warmest Nottingham has been all year.

I have actually found my almost dream workshop. I’m not a silversmith so I don’t need racks and racks of hammers, but I do want a nice space that I can focus on doing my beading without getting too distracted. This woman has a beautiful studio; it’s a bit too small for all the various craft shenanigans I want going on, but it’s stunning.

Studio two tables

Would you just look at that? I love the simplicity of it, and the feeling of busy-ness that it gives off. It’s obviously well ordered (I’d be rubbish at keeping that tidy), but all the boxes with their neat compartments! Hnnnngh…

Studio complete

I love this photo. I like that she’s managed to get the light into her studio with the two table lamps but also the touch of whimsy with all the hanging bits and bobs. Do want.

A comfortable armchair is always a good plan for any work space. I’m a funny old bean when it comes to my chairs, and I like to sit cross legged and all squiffy rather than like a normal person. Normal armchairs just don’t cut it, so my plan is to get an overly large “cuddle chair” instead and never share it. I like this one – it’s really pretty!


As for the crafts I want to do, I am still in love with beading and I’d like to expand on that! When I was about 16 I watched a video in science at school about working with glass and later found out that what I was watching was the amazing art of lampworking. Lampwork beads are absolutely stunning, see?


Picture from here.

You heat rods of coloured glass and use them to make designs on a moulded glass bead. I think they’re probably one of the most beautiful things that you can make. I definitely want to learn how to make these, but I think Hairy will protest! I’d need a heatproof work surface, all the tools, glass rods and a baby blowtorch in my studio so I could play around with lampworking to my heart’s content! I would probably be making bets on how soon I would burn the studio down though… More information on the history of lampworking and so on here.

Image taken from here.

My favourite floor when I’m working is the one that has all the arts and crafts on it. I’m forever getting lost in the crafty corner, stuck with my nose in a new book about everything that I want to try making some day. One of the ones that’s really caught my imagination is woodworking. I normally do very forgiving crafts that I can easily undo or alter if I mess them up, whereas carving wood would require a level of skill that I’d have to build up to. Book here is one that I keep looking at and wanting to get while I’m at work!

Other things always pop out at me while I’m working. Books like this one that teach you how to draw; a book on quilting even though I’m not sure I’d even love it! It is one of the unseen dangers of working in a bookshop – you do end up wanting to buy everything on the shelves. I’d also like a craft mat for my studio, a natural day light lamp, a travelling beading tray! The list goes ever on and on.

Do you ever plan rooms in your house/future houses?



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