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Doctor Who.

on November 9, 2014

Doctor Who has become a massive disappointment to me and this makes me more sad than I can actually say. There will be spoilers, so abandon ship all ye who have not watched it and don’t want to know how it all goes down.

I love Doctor Who, I really do. I loved the new incarnation of the Doctor from Chris Eccleston through David Tennant and into Matt Smith. I’ve re-watched all of Eccleston and Tennant recently, and I still love them even with their flaws. I have to say that I started going off Doctor Who with the introduction of Clara Oswald who definitely isn’t one of my favourite companions (no one will ever replace Donna Noble for that).

I just watched the last in the series with Capaldi with Hairy. It was the second in a two parter where the Cybermen made yet another appearance. I swear that I’m sick to death of the Cybermen and the Daleks!

With my feminist hat on, I loved that we had a Time Lady for the first time in New Who! Michelle Gomez played Missy, the regenerated form of the Master who is a pretty stupendous villain in Doctor Who. I loved John Simm (the last person to play the Master) as the Master, but Michelle Gomez played her role brilliantly – dangerous, insane, brilliant and a little bit sexy. I thought she was amazing, but pretty much everything made me cringe.

Danny and Clara – the less awesome Amy and Rory. Come on guys, we’ve already done the difficulty of having a relationship with a normal person when the Doctor is your best friend. Danny died in the episode before because he wasn’t paying attention to the road and got run down by a car when he was on the phone to Clara. Come on guys, look both ways before you cross! It turns out that since the Master’s last plan to take over the Earth by turning everyone into John Simm failed, Missy was going to do it by turning every dead person into a Cyberman. Danny as a Cyberman was good. I loved the pathos of it, but it was a bit strained by the end of the episode with how much the writers were chucking it in your face.I haven’t been loving the writing of Doctor Who recently either – it’s always been a bit “because SCIENCE!” or “BECAUSE TIME LORD!”, but it’s got to the point where I don’t enjoy that we have to take everything on face value. Danny was a Cyberman, awesome. Danny loved Clara, yep. She’s annoying, but yep. Love conquers all so science fails and Cyberman tech doesn’t do its job in removing all emotions? Really?As Hairy put it, this entire series was about the Doctor finding out who he really is – a mad man in a box with a screwdriver. I kind of think that it could have been done in a couple of episodes though, and then we could have had a series full of awesome aliens (NOT ROBOTS AGAIN) and alien worlds. Earth is cool and all, but I’d rather an episode like Midnight which scared the bejeezus out of me.

And finally, the bit that actually broke my heart was Osgood. Osgood was a science geek working with UNIT who first appeared in the special, “The Day of The Doctor” in 2013 with a giant Tom Baker scarf. At the end of that episode, there were two of her and we weren’t quite sure which one was the Zygon clone. Annoyingly that never got mentioned again. Possible loophole? Anyway, she was one of my favourite supporting characters so I was super excited to see her again in this episode, now sporting a bow-tie because bow-ties are cool. Distressingly enough, the writers had apparently decided that she wasn’t necessary any more because she got vaporised by Missy pretty quickly. Sadface galore over here.

I’d like to see a new companion, honestly. Clara and the Doctor has got really clunky recently – such speedy mood changes, massive lies all over the place and just no chemistry. I don’t mean sexy times chemistry, but the characters don’t even seem to like each each other any more. I hear them say “He/she’s my best friend”, and it just sounds weird. I’d like a return to light hearted alien romping – bring back Donna!

Capaldi seems to be having trouble with who his Doctor actually is – a lot of the time they’re playing up how cold and angry he is, which then makes his lovey dovey side seem all the more jarring. I don’t know what Capaldi himself is aiming for, but it’s just not gelling for me. I’ll keep watching it, in the hope that it gets better but I’m not expecting much.

Also, how many times has the Doctor set the Earth’s atmosphere on fire? DO THEY EVEN HAVE AN ATMOSPHERE ANY MORE?!

Also also, Nick Frost as Santa. WHAT?!


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