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Don’t go changing…

on November 14, 2014

So since yesterday was all about growth and change, I figured I’d reassure you that I’m not some crazy new person who is nothing like their teen self. Here’s 20 things that haven’t changed since I was young:

1. I still love David Attenborough. If I had the chance to live his life, I would totally take it. I will be devastated when he dies.
2. I still hate ironing. Sorry pops, you never instilled that good habit in me!
3. I’m still a big reader. I love books, worked in a bookshop for ten months (surprising how much that put me off reading), but I’m back on it and loving reading again.
4. Bling is still not my thing. I dabbled in the world of bling, but I’ve settled into things I love and have some awesome jewellery now.
5. I’m still a massive klutz. I drop things, fall over, hit various bits of me on various things at work… Seriously, I’m a walking danger zone.
6. I will still never refuse free food. If there’s stuff going, I hate to see it wasted.
7. I still have awful handwriting. Everyone at work kind of hates me for it! It was so bad as a child that I didn’t get a handwriting pen because I deserved it, I was given one in pity at the end of the year because I had to have one.
8. I still love having long hair, and dyeing it funny colours. I still have no idea what to ask the hairdresser to do with it, so it always ends up pretty boring but at least it’s a good colour.
9. I still carry around small things with me. Mops loves to tell everyone how I used to carry small toys around with me everywhere as a child, and I’ve just upgraded. Now it’s Vaseline and a heart shaped stone that Hairy gave me and I carried on our wedding day.
10. I still love port. Port and lemon was one of the first drinks I had, when I was much younger. My grandad gave me a tipple one Christmas (mostly lemonade), and I’ve enjoyed it ever since.
11. I’m still a fan of he super floaty maxi. On a bad day, I sometimes just throw on a super floaty maxi and twirl. Guaranteed to make me feel better.
12. In that vein, I still have no fashion sense. What do you mean, I can’t wear green with blue?! Who even knew that was wrong?
13. I’m still lazy. Tidying the house requires massive effort that I know could be avoided if I cleaned more regularly, but seriously, my sofa is comfy.
14. I still love baking. I don’t do it much anymore because Hairy isn’t a big fan of sweet things and I end up eating most of it, but it’s still a favourite pastime.
15. I still hate mushrooms. I’ve tried again and again, but nope. My taste buds think they’re foul, and my eyes think they look like boiled slugs.
16. Belle is still my favourite Disney princess, despite all the stuff I’ve read about Disney over the years. I still get a little well of happiness every time I watch it.
17. Christmas is still my favourite time of year. I love the anticipation, the planning of presents and decorations, the food, the cosy jumpers… Some things never lose their appeal, and I still love Christmas.
18. I will still fight off anyone who tries to eat my nutty chocolate spread of deliciousness. It is mine, and what they are trying to do is theft.
19. I’m still in Guiding. Got my badge of five years service over the summer, and will be taking on the accounts at my unit soon, but still a Guide leader and proud.
20. I still cry easily. It’s daft – I cry at films, but actual life drama I don’t. Maybe it’s the lack of stirring, sentimental music. If my life had a soundtrack, I’d be weeping all over the place


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