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A letter to myself.

on December 10, 2014

I don’t do well being ill. I’ve got something that I’m going to call the flu because I don’t have anyone around me to contradict me and the flu sounds much nastier than a cold. It’s also necessitated two (TWO) days off work, and I haven’t even reached the point of sick-not-working (my hours start at 11 and it’s only 9.30) and I’m bored witless and so started composing a letter to my immune system as a bucking up activity. Here goes.

“Dear Self,

I am writing in complaint. I would like to address my letter to whoever has been responsible for the appalling mis-use of resources that has led to the recent disruption of usual services over the past few days. I would like the person responsible to be held to the highest discipline, and frankly feel like they are not up to the position of immune system manager.

Being ill is boring. I disapprove mightily of the negligence that has led to this state of affairs – I have nothing of worth to be doing with my time, and as such am wasting copious amounts of time on the internet which is unacceptable behaviour. Or I’m staring out of the window sighing gustily and rhapsodising about the sun glinting off windows in such pretty ways. Again, not a particularly fun way to spend my days.

I also disapprove of my face’s current mission to expel all its innards into outtards. That’s probably way too much information for the most of you, but I can tell you it’s worse on this side of things. This is mostly why I’ve stayed at home – no one wants a sick waitress handling their food and drinks, and it’s better to stay here and not be infectious in public.

It’s a beautiful day outside and I’m stuck here on the sofa feeling sorry for myself. I slept all yesterday, so I’m not tired today. This has had the unexpected side effect that I’m spending all my money as a) I’m on the internet waaaaaay too much and b) the internet has all the things and I just got paid. I just bought a present for my sister and my bunny.

Luckily both those things needed buying, so at least I’m not wasting money on needless things.

In summation, body, I’d like you to buck up and stop feeling ill so I can get back to doing stuff I like and not spending all my money on the interwebs.

Okay? Thanks and bye,


See, I don’t like being ill. I hate having to take time off work, and I really don’t like having to spend all my time inside when the world is pretty and I’m feeling better than I did yesterday.

Unfortunately Hairy and I are in a bit of a conundrum. Heather, our bunny, is having to go to the vets tonight because she’s got a nasty red patch on one of her hind legs, and so Hairy was in a mood to spoil her and has nearly bought her a giant hutch/run to go in the back garden. Would be great, except then we’d definitely get another pet and we’d never end up going traveling. It’s all those little things that keep having to be thought about – family holiday next year, sounds great. Oh wait! How does it fit in with the idea of going abroad?

I don’t know. I guess it’s just the illness talking, but right now I want all the pets and that’s not a sensible life choice.


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