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What have I been up to?

on January 20, 2015

Well ladies and gents, I have just (about ten days ago) turned 24. I have journeyed into the realms of adulthood and am thus far loving life. I have been super busy in terms of socialising with people, but not in a very interesting way in which I can share with you.

The day before my birthday Hairy and I ended up going out and dancing until the wee hours of the morning (at least I did. Hairy just spent a while looking like a werewolf), we went for a lovely dinner at the Las Iguanas in Nottingham and then came home and put our pyjamas back on and watched many episodes of House. It was a lovely birthday weekend that culminated in Hairy applying for a new job. Fingers crossed for Hairy!

Life overall has been good. Annoying co-worker from the tea rooms left so there’s a lot less stress and drama there, we’re in the middle of hiring a replacement and it’s amazing being involved in the recruitment process. I love feeling like my opinion is actually valued and considered, rather than ignored. We had a massive clean down of the entire place yesterday and it feels so nice to work in a place that looks nice too (I know, I actually volunteered to go in and clean. Who am I, and what have I done with me?)

Other than working, I’ve mostly been crafting and making stuff. I’ve been working on wire wrapping which is great fun, but seriously hurts my fingers! The piece I’m playing with at the moment is based loosely on this:, and I’m thinking about turning it into a bracelet using this technique. The wire tubing worked up nice and quickly, but wrapping the pendant is proving difficult and I may have made it more difficult for myself by choosing an oddly shaped pendant… Well, I’ll let you know how that gets on.

Hairy’s brother has been sending me webcomics – I think I already linked you to a few of them, but here they are again because I’m still going! Strong female protagonist – does what it says on the tin! Stand Still is a super slow moving but very beautifully drawn comic based on a zombie apocalypse. I do love me some apocalyptic stuff.

The one that I fell in love with though was one called Ava’s Demon, and I think it’s beautiful. The artwork is stunning, and I was really gripped by the story. Who is Titan?! Find it here, then commiserate with me when you reach the last page and realise there’s nothing more to read. Normally it takes me a while to get through webcomics, but I raced through this one in about two days on the bus.

I’ve also been linked to this one, but I haven’t had a chance to look at it yet so I have no idea what it’s like/if it’s any good.

Finally I’m creating a character for an online game of D&D/13th Age (role playing games for those of you who aren’t insane and/or overly geeky) using this generator. It’s a bit sweary, but absolutely hilarious. One of the best things is that it not only rolls your character species and class, it also gives you a bit of back story to run with. I’m really looking forward to trying out my: DIPLOMATIC DRAGONBORN CLERIC FROM A BUSTLING CITY WHO IS A RECOVERING CANNIBAL. Yeah…

Last but not least, books and reading. I’ve just finished Siddhartha by Hesse. I know, classic novel and shame on me for not having read it before. I’m half way through Bret Easton Ellis’ Less Than Zero, but I feel like I may have to head back into my fantasy before long so I can read something I truly enjoy! I may have to venture back to LOTR because I bought a t-shirt with Gandalf fighting the Balrog on it…

How about you lovely people? Up to anything exciting? Been on a thrilling adventure recently/planning to scale the Alpine wastes?


One response to “What have I been up to?

  1. Happy belated birthday !!! I am not doing anything exciting !! Just getting our studio straightened up again after having a lot of guests over the holidays and it got messed up pretty bad being used as a bedroom !!!
    Working on some new jewelry projects and like you working on some wire wrapping as well !!

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