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I am my father’s daughter.

on February 8, 2015

When I was a teenager, my dad and I didn’t get along very well for a number of reasons. I couldn’t imagine anything worse than being compared to him, and when my mum told me I was being just like him it made me furious. (Yes, overly dramatic teenager. I haven’t really changed all that much).

Over the past few years, my dad and I have grown much closer. We don’t always see eye to eye obviously, and sometimes I just don’t understand him (I’m sure the feeling’s mutual!), but I think that out of my family he’s the one that I’m closest to in temperament.

I spent some of this afternoon in somewhat chilly February-bound Nottingham clearing the garden of leaves because I’d thought about it and damnit, I’m not going to rest until I’ve got it done. It’s been bugging me for a few weeks, so when I had the time to do I was damn well going to.

I’m also as stubborn as my dad. We’re both a bit hot headed when it comes to arguments, and we both lose any ability with words when we’re upset and kind of just resort to angry noises.

On the plus side, my dad is awesome and I’m happy to have inherited some of his skills. I’m more likely to dive in head first and try to figure out how things work without really consulting the instructions which I know is more likely to be my mum’s approach to working stuff out! I’ve also got his spatial awareness, so I really enjoy re-arranging the furniture with him! Hairy’s completely given up on that and tends to just let me shift stuff around.

I really have to stop myself from telling Hairy off when he doesn’t help me as much as I’d ideally like him to. See, Hairy has a horrible job that he hates and he doesn’t really have much in the way of hobbies that help him calm down and unwind – he likes to sit with me and recently he’s started reading comics again. So for Hairy, weekends and our evenings together are sacred and to be enjoyed, which for him involves sitting down doing very little. Personally, I have  a much less demanding job so I have more energy and apparently more in the house-proud department. (Shock horror, who am I and what have I done with me?!)

This means that I end up doing more of the house work, and really have to contain the “Well, if I don’t do it who will?” comments which I definitely remember Pops making when I was younger! I read an article a few weeks ago that really hit a nerve; it was a wife who had written about her relationship with her husband and the way she undermined him without intending to. It made me think about my relationship with Hairy, and I hope I never do that. In the article, the wife would tell her husband off for not doing things the way she liked them to be done and he just closed off from her. I hate the idea of that.

Sometimes things come to pass that you never expecting, or thought would happen. I didn’t expect to be married at 23. I didn’t expect to be waitressing over a year after I graduated. I didn’t think that I would be able to pick the icky bits off the stove, and yet here I am with a clean stove and a clear garden.

Away from the self-reflection. I’m also my mother’s daughter, so when Hairy had to work yesterday I finally had time to make his Valentine’s present. I decided that I wanted to support his facial fuzz, so I’ve made him a set of beard oil and moustache wax so at least he can do it in style.


My ingredients! I bought all of it from my favourite online resource – ebay. I have raw coconut oil, sweet almond oil, hazelnut oil and jojoba oil as my carrier oils, and for essential oils – cedarwood, eucalyptus, sweet orange, clove bud, lemongrass and rosemary. I had no idea if they’d all work together, but hey. I like the smells!


Essential oils can be irritating to the skin if you use them directly hence why you need carrier oils.


Instead of a double boiler because I don’t have any glass bowls and my favourite game is improvising, I used a jam jar in boiling water to melt the beeswax for the moustache wax. I then added the coconut oil in equal quantities; I used it in the wax recipe because it has a high melting and would have made the beard oil into more of a balm than an oil. Up to your personal preference though!


I mixed pretty much everything else together in the jug and then poured it into some of the miniature glass bottles that apparently breed in my house. I’m a sucker for small bottles, so I never get rid of them. It was genuinely as easy as that, so while I’m sure you could make it more complicated I like to stick to easy recipes and improvise all the rest of that malarkey.


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