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Minor insight.

Aloha guys.

It’s late, I’m tired but I’m just going to share a little insight into my life with you.

It is nearly my birthday, I’ve just been paid and I thought sod it. Let’s go wild. So I bought myself a lipstick and it’s GREEN. Except it magically turns pink when you put it on! It’s like magic, right? Right. So it arrives today, looking not even a little bit suspect in its non-conspicuous brown paper packaging with a tube in it.

So I do what every normal person does and I try it out. I put some on, and TA DAH suddenly pink lips (that I think got darker as I carried on wearing it but I wasn’t carrying my dulux colour chart so I couldn’t check). But then, because I am the special flower that I am, I start wondering whether it just works on lip skin or whether it works on any skin… (I think you can see where this is going).

Cut to five minutes later, and I have bright pink daisies drawn on my face in lipstick. Yup, I’m a grown up. I pay bills and everything!

Also, you may be aware that I drive a moped, and I love her but on my way home from panto (yes I’m in a panto!), I started to get a sneaky suspicion that maybe Maisie is not quite the vehicle I need for my commute. I’m not even talking about dick drivers, frostbitten fingers or her disturbing tendency to cut out if I brake too fast.

See, it’s only seven miles I thought. It’ll be fine, I thought. CLEARLY NOT. Particularly not when the entire population and his uncle of Gloucester’s lorry drivers turn out on the roads to help me become one of those goddamn leaves from Pocahontas. You know the ones. They get buffeted about in the blasted turbulence and end up all over the place.

Funny, right? Not so much when you remember that I’m that leaf and dick drivers want to overtake even though there’s a car coming the other way and it’s only one lane AND it’s on a bend AND it’s dark AND I’m probably going to end up either under their wheels or in a ditch.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to tie Maisie to a tree/anchor her down in the hope that she won’t get blown over in the mild breezes we’re expecting tonight.

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Write here, write now.

So this seems pretty fitting – the prompt for today’s Daily Post is to write a post entirely in the present tense.

My aim for the time being is to try to be as present as possible so even though I would normally follow Hairy’s suggestion and write about plans and adventures I would like to do this year – I am a dreamer after all, I think I’m going to have to leave that for another day.

So what am I doing right now? I’m sat with Hairy while he plays Fallout 4 on the our giant TV, trying to come up with something good to blog about because I am feeling the urge to write.

Minor detour but speaking of games, the best thing about the Fallout game for me is the soundtrack – I can’t stand having two noises playing at once so I often ask Hairy to turn off the background music while he is playing games as they don’t always have brilliant music, so we can listen to something else. The joy with Fallout is that the creators of the game have put in radio stations as the soundtrack, and Fallout 4 has the option of two radio stations – the classic 50s style big band music, or classical which has led to incredibly entertaining scenarios – Flight of the Valkyries during a fight scene definitely sticks in the mind!To be honest, writing in the present tense is presenting a challenge to me – I want to talk about New Year’s Eve (dramatic, drunken and draining), or about the various things that Hairy and I did today (failed birthday shopping, rain and reading challenges) – but those topics are out of bounds as for me that’d be cheating – I’m trying to remain here and now.So here I am, mug of peppermint tea and some shortbread from Christmas in my comfy clothes with my favourite person sat with me. I’m having a bit of a poke around on the internet for inspiration because as a soon-not-to-be 24 year old, Hairy needs ideas of what to get me for my birthday and unfortunately for him there is nothing that I need or want at the moment!Happy New Year peeps, I hope this year holds more good things in store for you than last year.WIN_20160102_21_22_31_ProHere is me, all present and stuff and probably off to make another cup of tea. Ignore the wine in the background, I’m not drinking at the moment!

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