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I’m not brave.

I can guarantee that in no world could I ever count as a brave person. I’m not the sort of person who likes to run head first into the next thrill seeking shenanigan but I have to admit I’ve made myself proud recently.

On Monday just gone, my Guide unit had an animal encounters group come to our hall and run an evening for us. The group was called Oreo and Friends, and I believe they’re a Nottingham based group that looks after and gives the opportunity to meet exotic animals in an up close and personal setting. I was insanely proud of how well our girls behaved, and it was probably one of the best things that I’ve ever done.

Thing is, I hate spiders. I hate them with a passion, and make Hairy deal with them when they’re in our home (far too regularly for my liking). But while I was at this evening with my Guides, I was encouraging them to try holding an animal that they might not have been overly comfortable with the idea of – and so I held a tarantula. Called Lolita. Alright, it scared the ever loving bejeezus out of me, and I was so not okay when she started to climb up my arms but on the other spider-holding-hand, I can now say that I’ve held a tarantula.

It was also my first encounter with any sort of snake and yet by the end of it I was actually able to holdĀ  a Burmese python. My favourite part by far though was getting a cuddle from Oreo, the raccoon. Yep, you did hear me right. Oreo was a lovely little raccoon who toddled around the room on a harness but then decided that he’d rather get scratches and attention than go back in his cage. I actually now have a pair of tights with a hole in that came from raccoon claws. Like, wow.

See, I’m not brave. While I was at work being shown fire procedures and the like, I was told to probably not use the fire extinguishers unless it was a small fire and I was feeling brave. My coworker who was being shown around at the same time laughed and said that I’d definitely be the person to be being brave. It played on my mind a bit throughout the day – does she just see me as this brash, overbearing person? We started on the same day and I thought that she was much younger than me. She thought I’d been working there for ages – both of us were wrong. I’m actually younger than her, and I’ve only had experience as a waitress at a restaurant a few years ago. I’m just lucky that I’m good at pretending to be confident, and willing to put myself out there.

I don’t feel like a brave person. I don’t try to find things that make me scared so that I can overcome them. I don’t like haunted houses, I get a little bit creeped out by the dark and I still have a bit of a phobia about going into shops first. What I can say about myself though is that I won’t shy away from an opportunity any more. I’ve done my fair share of being too scared to do things, and I just don’t want to do that any more.

So that’s probably where I’m proudest of myself. I’m not a brave person, but I will always try to take the opportunities that come my way (particularly if I’m in front of people that I don’t want to look bad to).


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Tis the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Or maybe I’ve slightly missed the boat on that one, as it seems to also be the season of cold toes, not enough jumpers and extortionate heating bills.

So there have been varying degrees of drama that have occurred in the past (probably too long) while. Some of the drama is good drama, some of it isn’t my own drama but nonetheless I am concerned about said drama.

Said the word drama too many times now.

Moving onwards!

My biggest worry at the moment is something that I have no control over – I’m getting tested for polycystic ovary syndrome. It’s almost certainly just a precaution that my doctor is doing to rule it out for good, but on the other hand it’s about as scary as when I got tested for rheumatoid arthritis. It’s unlikely, but still terrifying the pants off me.

My good drama is that I’ve had an incredibly busy and social (read expensive too!) weekend. I’ve settled in well at work, and it turns out I’m a damn good waitress. On the one hand, I love having a regular job that pays just about enough, I work with really lovely people and there’s no pressure. On the other hand, I’m a waitress. I’d like to be doing a bit more with my life than bringing other people tea! It’s okay though, the Plan to travel is still in place and just waiting on clearing our debts.

I’ve actually been married to Hairy for a little over a month now. I’d love to say that everything has changed, and our relationship feels deeper and more meaningful than ever but I think that’d have to be a lie. I’m still crazy about him, but we still fall out and have rows. We’re still daft, and still spend too much time on our computers. Honestly, our day to day working is ticking along pretty much as it has done for the past few years and I’m A-okay with that. I mean, we have an awesome relationship.

I have learned some things in the last 6 weeks of being married though, so listen to the wisdom of a married woman:

  1. Argos is sh*t. I do not want to be crude, but cor lummy have they been a right pain in the behind over the past week and a bit. I had hoover drama which is thankfully resolved now, mostly thanks to Mr. Credit Card.
  2. Credit cards are possibly the spawn of Satan. We have to use mine at the moment because I haven’t been paid properly since August and that’s a painful state of affairs. I am counting down the days until that beast is no more!
  3. American Horror Story is pretty awesome – I love creepy horror, and they’ve got it down quite well! It can be a little bit clunky, so I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone but Hairy and I are totally enjoying it.
  4. I actually sprained my ankle surfing. At least I have a good excuse, rather than just falling over like a prat.
  5. I have reached the time of year again where I go into a Boots and look for the palest shade of makeup. And when I find it, I have a moment of AHA! I am ghostly!
  6. Trying to teach yourself crochet is way difficult after a good 8 years of not doing it.
  7. Drunk noodles at gone 1am is the best solution to anything, including broken voice.
  8. Autumn is my purge time. I don’t know why, since spring cleaning and the like but I always get a bit antsy around about now and want to start throwing everything away.
  9. It will take way longer than a month to be able to call Hairy “husband” without sounding confused. Hairy managed for the first time the other day to call me “wife” without sounding like he wasn’t entirely sure that I existed.
  10. It is the most adorable thing when your previously antsy bunny comes and sits on you for half an hour to get cuddles. Saturday afternoon, I was hungover to high hell. It was awful. I played computer games, or at least attempted to while having to appease the almighty Heather at the same time. Totally worth it though for an armful of happy fluff.
  11. Going back to the gym is a good thing. Trying to go to the gym with strained neck is not a good thing. I shall not be attempting gym today.
  12. Hairy and I have found new music we enjoy; the band is called Abney Park and I particularly loved Victoria, Until the Day You Die, and Throw Them Overboard.

I know this wasn’t a particularly enlightening post, but bear with me a little longer. I’m still mostly dead from Friday and have a full week of visitors, work, blood tests and other fun shenanigans. Wish me well!

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