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I'm a modern day Viking, navigating my way through a stormy sea of stuff.

I don’t really have much to say today. I’ve realised that I’ve become pretty bad at adding in pictures and things that make my blog fun to look at, so I thought I’d just share a few pictures with you today. I am also making the promise to myself that I will try to take more photos using my fabulous camera, but first I need to remember to take my camera places.

Today was not a grey day by the way. Today was brought to you in varying shades of blue – bright blue sky, but also tired blue when I was on the run for five hours today helping train a new waitress. Le tiredness.

All of these pictures have been taken on our phones, so please excuse poor quality.


This is Heather our bunny coming for love and attention. She’s just been spayed and is so far not really loving us because she’s upset with having her bits taken out.


This is my most recent craft project and exploration into wire wrapping. I saw a link to a picture of a similar thing (I know, I have a definite attraction to trees) and decided I wanted to try making it. So far, all going well! I’m thinking about making two so I can put them on the backs of my gloves.

Fringe funny face

And finally, here’s what I look like at the moment. I have red hair, and more shockingly a fringe. I had way too much fun playing with Hairy’s forward facing camera hence the multiple selfies. I am most definitely not pulling a duck face here. Nope, not me. (I think I was talking actually).

Fringe hate

Look! It even looks great with a hat! Actually, my fringe is a little heavier than that now because light fringes can’t stand up to the intensity of the tea rooms but I can’t be bothered with taking more pictures of myself today. My hair hasn’t looked that nice since because the hairdresser curled it and styled it and stuff, but I’ve caved and bought a pair of mini straighteners so hopefully I can learn how to make it look nice rather than a mess on the top of my head.

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Grey and hazy.

Today is a grey day here in Nottingham. It started off so promisingly this morning as Hairy was leaving – warm living room, hazy lavender sky and a giant mug of coffee. By the time I was out of the house, the world had drawn in on itself. Everyone’s hurrying, hoods up and hands in pockets.

I suppose it is a bit premature to be dreaming of spring, but yesterday I saw my first snowdrops of the year, and my first crocuses in flower. But just as when I was a child, it was one of those days that promises spring and no more need of coats, but turns the next day to rain and foggy breath again.

I like the rain. I like the sound of it against the window, particularly when I don’t need to be out in it! Sadly I have to work today, and it’s one of those days where nothing exactly goes wrong, but it doesn’t exactly go right either.

Heather came out of her cage to say hello, but peed on the carpet and wouldn’t come downstairs. In typical fashion, I injured myself in a variety of minor ways over the weekend and kept knocking every single one this morning while I was trying to play my computer game.

The one promise that a grey day brings is that hopefully work will be quiet and I don’t have to spend my day rushing around.

How do you spend grey days? And how do you get out of the funk that they bring?

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I'm a modern day Viking, navigating my way through a stormy sea of stuff.

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