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I’m a graduate, get me out of here.

They say that satisfaction brings stagnation. If you’re happy, or at least content, you won’t be driven to find anything new. I think that’s true to a certain extent. Hairy and I have been relatively content in Nottingham over the past year – I’ve got more hours at work and therefore more money, and Hairy’s been able to deal with work pretty well.
The sad thing is that I’m now beginning to hate being in Nottingham. The last time I felt like this was during my degree and I felt trapped by the city and unable to cope with that. I also thought that it was a by product of the degree – I just thought I was stressed by the workload and that made me unhappy in everything.
Over the past few months though, I’ve become progressively more unhappy. I am not enjoying work anymore, and I’m not enjoying the people who work there. All my friends have left/are in the process of leaving and that means I have even less reason to stay.
My only obstacle is money, and not being able to earn. I want to be working in a place that I feel happy in, that doesn’t make me angry and that I feel like I’m making a difference. I’ve lost any sort of drive at work, and that makes me sad.
I also have the difficulty that I am now suffering physically from my job – I’ve just been officially told I have plantar fasciitis which makes it incredibly painful to walk at times and that makes life harder!
I don’t know. I want a change, but I can’t afford it. I’m desperate to leave, but I have no way to be able to. I feel trapped in a city I’m beginning to hate, and I just want out.

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Minor grievances of the bodily sort.

I am not the most sensible of people. I tend to hurl myself headfirst into things, and deal with the consequences later. It works, most of the time, since the consequences tend to be minor.

On the other hand, I also tend to do things all at once which means that the small consequences all pile up into something a lot larger and less easy to deal with.

Last week, I got a coil fitted. It’s the hormone coil, Mirena, and I chose it because I have many issues with other forms of contraception and since Hairy and I aren’t looking to have children right away it seems to make sense that we have a form of contraception that will last for a good few years. Luckily after the first day I haven’t really had much discomfort from it, but since I suffer with hormonal acne my skin has flared up something chronic and I have horrible cyst like spots along my jaw line.

Unpleasant, a real knock to my self confidence, but actually pretty easy to deal with since I know what’s causing it and can cover most of it with make up.

Also last week, I got a tattoo. Just a little one on my wrist, and that’s in the process of healing up at the moment. All fine and good, except it’s just reached the itchy stage. So I’m waking up in the night with an itchy spot on my wrist, and sore lumps on my jaw. Still easy enough to deal with as I can put some Nivea on it and ignore the rest until morning.

Yesterday I went to the gym! Did my normal routine, pushed myself a little bit with the running since I wasn’t feeling stamina cardio yesterday and ended up only doing a short session because I had other chores to be doing. Fair enough, not too much of a problem as I’m doing yoga this morning with my sister.

I wake up this morning, tired and a bit irritable because of above irritations, and not particularly inclined to do yoga. I still sign on and have a go because we missed it last week, and I don’t want to get into the habit of missing our sessions. We try headstands – I’m not very good, but keep trying and manage to hurt my neck. Again, not a biggie if that was the only pain.

I’m a waitress. I spend most of my day on my feet running around – I also go running at the gym and like to walk. I’m having trouble now with my feet, waking up every morning barely able to walk because the soles of my feet feel like they’re bruised all over. I sit down in the evening and can’t stand up again because of the pain. Potential diagnosis through the excellent Dr. Google – Plantar fasciitis, brought on by being overweight, standing all day or an increase in exercise.


I’m overall pretty fine, but when you break it down I’m in pain pretty much every day from one place or another and frankly I’m fed up of being in pain. I always have painkillers with me, I rattle with the number of pills I end up taking and the only way to stop a lot of the pains is to stop exercising the way I do which would set off my anxiety over my appearance.


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I'm a modern day Viking, navigating my way through a stormy sea of stuff.

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